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Drain Clearance

Unblocking drains of the toughest materials

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Drain Clearance

Hydro technology is a pioneering alternative to traditional drain jetting – a slow, laborious process that often results in drain replacement. Our drain clearance services use the innovation and efficiency of new hydro cutting technology to dislodge even the toughest materials in a third of the time a traditional method can – whether the blockage is concrete, metal, or other hard substances. This swift resolution also means that labour costs are kept low, saving you money and labour hours.

Powerful and precise, the equipment is controlled from a command centre and the high pressure nozzle can be adjusted in angle, distance and pressure with total ease. Live data is then fed back to the operator who can regulate the process from start to finish – this reduces the risk of drain damage and replacement.

Drain Cleaning

Express Hydro Solutions are qualified drainage experts who can bring hydro drain jetting across the UK and are the first British company who can offer this cutting-edge technology. This allows us to clear drains for a variety of industries including construction, demolition, piling, councils, and many others.
Simply contact our friendly experts today to discover more – we’re also able to offer emergency response to ensure that urgent cases receive a swift unblocking solution.

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Drain Clearance

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